Royal college has some of the best students in Sri Lanka. Also, it has been the school which produces most number of students to the Engineering Faculties in the country. Inspiring students and nurturing their abilities to produce brilliant, well-rounded individuals is essential. In order to achieve that, the student chapter of the OREPA has implemented the mentoring program for the A/L mathematics students of the college.

The program this year targets the 2020 A/L batch, who have just begun their classes in the advanced level section. OREPA set off with the first phase of this project, where we select batches of students, and have an open day at the university of Moratuwa. During this one day session, the students get the opportunity to visit a number of departments at the university, get a first hand experience on university life, and also meet so many fellow Royalists who successfully completed A/Ls and entered university.

The session was held on the 2nd of August 2018 with the participation of 30 students. The students arrived at the university by 9.00 am, and the first hour was spent at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, where they got a great opportunity to learn about the variety of work done there. Next up was a visit to the civil department. The students really enjoyed seeing all the laboratories, and the projects of students in the department. This was followed by a 15 minute tour around the university premises where they got to see some highlights of the campus, as well as socialise with a few undergrads. A visit to the chemical department followed, and soon after the students headed to the food court for a lunch break, where we had arranged lunch for them.

Afterwards, there was a visit to the Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering department. The students managed to get a good insight of the work done there. They also got the opportunity to see the Biomedical Engineering Department.

Last up for the day was a session by the freshmen batch at university, where the undergrads gave the students some invaluable advice about taking the maximum use of their school days, and shaping out their futures.



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