Vision: Help every aspiring Royalist fulfill their dreams of entering university with good A/L results

Mission: Increase number of engineering faculty entrants from physical stream (to state universities)



The Advanced Level Examination is one of the most difficult examinations faced by school students. Numerous students fail to reach their highest potential at this examination, mainly due to a lack of motivation and adequate guidance. Also, a drop in the number of entrants to University of Moratuwa from College has been noticed. The student guidance program is aimed at addressing all these issues and providing students the necessary platform to reach their fullest potential at the examination.



  • Increase number of entrants to Engineering Faculties compared to the previous year
  • Conduct continuous academic support sessions that will be beneficial for the school students
  • Witness improvement in the A/L results in Physical Science stream



The project is expected to span over a period of six to eight months. During this period, weekly support workshops are expected to be carried out.  The workshop series is aimed at discussing past papers where easy solving techniques, efficient time management methods and clarify of tricky/difficult sections will be given special emphasis. Also writing of longer answers (essay type and structured) will be concentrated on. The latter stages will also focus on revision of the entire syllabus through question and answer discussions. The project is being organized by OREPA with the support of Old Boys from the Colombo Medical Faculty (undergraduates). In addition, the logistics and organizing is also supported by the College Prefects’ Council.


Performance Indicators

The project success will be evaluated based on the following, comparing them with previous years.

  • Number of students participating at the school training sessions
  • Percentage improvement in A/L results
  • Increase in the number of students entering Engineering faculty from school


Past Review

The general structure of the project is as follows.

  • Question and answer discussions held three days every week for a period of 5 months
  • Two OREPA members conduct each session for 3 hours
  • Over 180 hours of teaching last year
  • 10 to 20 students present for sessions on average
  • Discussion sessions done openly allowing any Advanced Level student to participate

Project began back in 2014, and has been ongoing since then. When considering the impact since inception we can note the following, taking into account the students involved in the project.

  • Increase in overall Advanced Level Examination results in mathematics stream
  • Higher number of entrants to University of Moratuwa
  • Feedback by individual students regarding the personal benefit obtained


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