Bringing the robotics and innovation skills at campus to school


Royal College has been a fountain of genius students all over the country for decades. Through strong inspiration and proper guidance to enhance talents will create individuals who are eligible of leading all the fields in future Sri Lanka. Engineering innovations and creativity are essential for the world. In order to create such innovative group of students, first Creativity Enhancement Program was initiated in 2017. Being the initiatives of its’ second phase we would like to extend the scopes of this program into new dimensions and create more innovative royalists to the society.


Vision: Becoming the most innovative school in the local and international competitions.

Mission: Create awareness about upcoming popular topics in engineering innovations as well as            increasing interest and knowledge in Robotics.


The Project

Creativity enhancement project has 2 phases. Introducing new Engineering and Innovation concepts and Robotic knowledge development. The project aims middle school (grade 6 to 10) and advanced level students. OREPA undergraduates and volunteering university lecturers will be involved in different parts of the project.

  • Introducing new Engineering and Innovation concepts: A stand- alone workshop/lecture series will be conducted by expertise in the relative principles.
  • Robotic knowledge development: Basic knowledge about robot development concepts will be introduced with a series of workshop and lectures guided by university undergraduates. At the end of this phase a small competition is expected to be held to evaluate the skills of students


Performance Indicators

  • Number of students participating in the workshop and lecture series.
  • Number of students competing in national and international robotic competitions.
  • Feedback obtained from the students and their parents about the program.
  • Feedback from the academic staff regarding project reach to student community and value addition.


Past Years

Some key facts of a review of the project over the past few years are highlighted below.

  • Several hands-on sessions related to innovative mindset building were held each week.
  • Mr. Heminda Jayaweera from University of Moratuwa and two OREPA members conducted each session for 3 hours.
  • Over 40 hours of hands-on sessions organized over the last year.
  • 10 to 15 students present for sessions on average.
  • Hands-on sessions done openly allowing any student from grade 6 – 13 to participate.

Project was started in 2016, and has been ongoing since then on an annual basis. Both Robotic knowledge development program and Introducing new Engineering and Innovation concepts are generally to be held for 3 months each. Those phases will be conducted in series or parallel starting from May each year. Lectures and Workshops are planned as weekly sessions.

Program has grown considerably.

  • Increase in participation for sessions over the years
  • Feedback from students regarding the opportunity they received to learn from the students of University of Moratuwa.


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