Vision: Guiding the young Royalists to their desired destination

Mission: Contributing to improve the results in mathematics in Royal College, with the targets of maximise the number of Engineering intake students from Royal College.



Royal college has some of the best students in Sri Lanka. Also, it has been the school which produces most number of students to the Engineering Faculties in the country. Inspiring students and nurturing their abilities to produce brilliant, well-rounded individuals is essential. In order to achieve that, the student chapter of the OREPA has implemented the mentoring program for the A/L mathematics students of the college.


The Project


  • Make an environment where A/L students can learn from the experienced undergraduates.
  • Provide students with opportunities to develop learning skills, increase their knowledge of certain areas.
  • Solve the problems students might be having which are not related to academics but with the studying mentality.
  • Inform students about higher studies, in order to guide them to a successful future.


  • Get volunteering undergraduates to be mentors.
  • Give a training session for the mentors by professionals.
  • Introduce mentors to the mentees.
  • Check with each of them about the progress and advice about any complication.
  • Get a feedback from mentors and mentees.


Performance Indicators

The project success will be evaluated based on the following indicators, comparing them with the previous years.

  • Percentage of the students who got passed A/L examination.
  • Number of students that are selected to universities.
  • Feedback from the mentors and mentees.



Training session for the mentors (volunteering engineering undergraduates) are generally carried out by professionals each year. (during months of June / July). All interested and selected mentees are introduced to their relevant mentors who will guide and support them until they face their examinations.

Monthly checking with each of them about the progress and feedback about any complications.   Mentor-mentee meet up session after every four months. Communication every week.

This project was started for 2014 AL batch, and has been ongoing since then. The clearly visible results of this project include the following. 

  • Increase in overall Advanced Level Examination results in mathematics stream
  • Number of entrants to the university of Moratuwa from school increased  
  • A high number of these were students involved / participating in this program


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