Vision: Become the leading school in National and International Olympiad Contests

Mission: Increase participation in Olympiads; Improve participants’ performance


Royal College has some of the smartest students in this country. Inspiring them and nurturing their talents to produce outstanding, well-rounded individuals is essential. The exposure and experience received by participating at International Competitions is invaluable to these students. So is the immense training in terms of education. Hence the Olympiad Project was initiated in 2015, and has been an annual OREPA project since then. Over the 3 years we have had training sessions for over 200 students and seen over 20 Royalists participating at international contests. We also introduced an annual award ceremony in 2016 to create further motivation among students.  


The Project

The Olympiad Project has three initiatives: motivation and insight sessions, award ceremony, and training program. The project aims middle school (grade 6 to 10) and advanced level students. OREPA undergraduates and volunteering university lecturers will be involved in different parts of the project.

Motivation and Insight Sessions are conducted for grade 6 and 7 students where past participants and eminent academia speak about their experiences and value of Olympiad. This will be a one-time event held at school.
Award Ceremony is held to recognize and reward students representing school in Olympiad at International Level. Will be a one-hour event held at school premises with presence of Principal.
Training Program is conducted for selected students (top ones at an exam conducted) before the National Olympiad Competition to prepare them for that. This is done by past participants or university students.


Performance Indicators

The project success will be evaluated based on the following indicators, comparing them with previous years.

  • Number of students participating at the school training sessions
  • Number of students competing in regional and national level competitions
  • Feedback from top performing students and their parents obtained at award ceremony
  • Feedback from academic staff regarding project reach to student community and value addition


Past Success

The project last year (2017) saw satisfactory fulfilment of required indicators.

  • Participation of 92 students for initial selection test for training program (exceeded previous year)
  • Participation of 40-50 students for weekly training sessions (on par with previous year)
  • 65 students participating in SLMO (national level) math Olympiad contest (on par with previous year)
  • 3 international representations at IMO
  • Award ceremony held as usual with positive feedback from students and parents
  • Feedback from teachers suggested additional focus on lower batches; incorporated to project this year

Feedback from student beneficiaries over the years have also been immensely positive as well.

  • IMO Bronze Medalist – Shenal Santush
    “It’s great to have a project like this which motivates us and recognized our talents inside school. This work should definitely be continued.”
  • IMSO Silver Medalist – Sandil Ranasinghe
    “Having a prize giving to recognise our achievements is really good.”
  • Chairman of school Mathematics Society – Sathsara Wanaguru
    “Organising training sessions for the school students, and supporting the mathematics society in workshops targeting Olympiad is something really great.”


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