Vision: Build undergraduates with a well-rounded experience

Mission:  Providing an opportunity for post-A/L students to involve in internships until they enroll at university


Getting through to an engineering faculty upon passing A/L examinations is a difficult task on its own. For those who get through, they have a few more hurdles left: making the correct decisions and pursuing paths they truly love. We believe connecting them with the industry or research, where they will end up one day, is the best way to clear all confusion, leading to better life decisions. Student Intern provide post A/L students the chance to take up internships in companies in the industry or at research labs in the university. 


  • Ensure undergraduates make good decisions in what they pursue at university
  • Provide the youngest batch of OREPA members an insight into our work (the participants)
  • Allow participants to gain valuable relevant work experience prior to beginning university


Students are encouraged to apply for the projects post-A/L, and upon release of results, those selected to the engineering faculty are offered internship positions at a range of companies, as well as at the university. These students get to work with engineers in the industry in fields of their choice, or with lecturers and other researchers at the university itself. 

Performance Indicators

The project success will be evaluated based on the following, comparing them with previous years.

  • Number of students participating in the program
  • Internship diaries maintained by the participants
  • Feedback from the employees and participants in the program

Past Review

The project was initialized back in 2015, and continued on to the year 2016. Initially the project focused on providing students research / technical internship opportunities to participants within the university. After a lapse of one year, the project was revitalized in the year 2018 with the involvement of the industry. This is the current structure of the project. 

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