The Hayman Trophy is among the most popular sporting events at Royal College. An annual Water-Polo encounter between Royal College and S’ Thomas College, the event attracts hundreds of fans. OREPA took an new initiative to bring the latest global technology to this sporting event.

At the Hayman Trophy Encounter held on 01st October 2016, Sri Lanka’s first Water Polo Visual System, which was developed by a group of young innovative undergraduates who studying at the University of Moratuwa and at the Kothalawala Defense University, was quite successfully introduced and this was a substantial stepping stone for creative young Lankans. Although this technology was never used in Sri Lanka, it made its first appearance at the 2012 London Olympic Games. When the request for implementing this system was initially made, these undergraduates had no prior experience. However, gladly accepting the challenge, the youngsters worked long and hard to witness the success of their project.

The Visual System enables players as well as spectators to better see the lines, and other necessary markings on the water, which would otherwise not be visible. This enables better playing and lifts the bar in terms of facilities up to an international level.